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Salesforce Org Health

Improve the overall health and performance of Salesforce.

Whether you’re planning new Salesforce initiatives and enhancements or struggling with decreased system performance, ensuring the health and performance of your org is critical to maximizing your investment. The Salesforce Org Health Accelerator helps you check your system’s overall health and provides recommendations on how to improve it.

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What it can do for you

  • Improvement in time to deliver business requirements
  • Understanding of technical debt and performance issues
  • Increase platform value

How it works

Certified Specialists will guide you through the process over a predetermined timeframe (typically 3–4 weeks):


  • Discuss current challenges and business goals
  • Agree on quantifiable success goals


  • Assess key areas of platform performance, including but not limited to data quality, sandbox architecture, triggers, and apex
  • Identify key areas of improvement and share best practices


  • Readout of Salesforce org health
  • Best practices and recommendations to address the issues

Who should use it

Intended User

You are a longtime Salesforce user looking to significantly expand Salesforce or complete major projects.


  • Stakeholder who can provide org ID for the assessment 
  • Stakeholders willing to share outstanding org issues and concerns
  • Attendance at the readout presentation

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