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The Chatter/iPad combination supports fast reaction to time critical information and ensures feedback is channeled up the chain ‘in the moment

FUJIFILM leaps into the social cloud to give sales business wings!


  • Business managers operated their own set of processes to engage customers, secure advertising, negotiate deals, place orders and manage hardware fleets – there was no consistency
  • Information shared with the main system was difficult to access, particularly from a mobile point of view
  • Tracking complex and often ongoing sales cycles was challenging without a single place to look at sales, planning cycles and conversion rates etc.
  • Following a path of data integrity of 10-15 years created a weakness i.e. how to manage the data secured within overly complex, robust systems


  • FUJIFILM conducted a thorough review of CRM options, including the development of an existing Lotus Notes system as a CRM tool
  • After disregarding all recommendations for systems requiring in house hosting (therefore time, costs and additional IT resources) Salesforce CRM stood out from the crowd
  • Sales Cloud – Accredited Salesforce partner Velteo implemented Salesforce CRM across a national sales and management team of 50+ users, including 35 Salesforce Mobile enabled iPads for on-the-road access to the app
  • App Cloud – The App Cloud Data Loader feeds new accounts from AS400 into Salesforce where they are collected up by the sales team
  • Chatter – Each user is equipped with a Salesforce Chatter license for receiving instant updates on relevant projects and delivering real time feedback up the chain


  • General upkeep of the system is simply a matter of following your nose – FUJIFILM was able to activate the Ideas module without IT assistance after only limited exposure to the app
  • Salesforce CRM allows FUJIFILM to manipulate information from a complex system in a more manageable environment - as a result the reporting culture has shifted from month end to daily reporting and reports that took 2-3 hours now run in the equivalent minutes
  • Salesforce Mobile equips field staff with anywhere, anytime access to the CRM and the ability to make on-the-spot, business-smart decisions
  • The national team collaborates easily in Salesforce, taking advantage of tools like Chatter and Ideas to leverage the significant business efficiencies of information sharing
  • FUJIFILM is empowered with new visibility into what’s happened and what’s going to happen, helping to steer the sales organization and ensure ongoing high performance

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Key Stats

  • Web site: FUJIFILM Australia
  • Industry: Business Services
  • Size: Enterprise
  • Region: Asia Pacific (APAC)