Slack for Departments

Transform the way your teams work together to deliver best-in-class customer experiences from sales and service to IT and more. Bring the right customer information securely and directly into the flow of work.

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Slack for Sales

Close more deals with automation and data.

  • Bring real-time CRM data into Slack to boost collaboration and accelerate sales pipeline progression
  • Empower reps to spend more time selling by centralising, simplifying, and automating work
  • Get the right data to the right people at the right time to improve decision making and pipeline accuracy
Application window showing a swarm case and conversation from the service team

Slack for Service

Spend more time helping customers and less on tasks.

  • Boost productivity, easily collaborate with experts, and resolve cases and incidents more efficiently
  • Improve the flow of work with automation, and onboard new agents faster with centralised knowledge
  • Provide premium support for key customers, partners, and vendors in a dedicated, shared, secure Slack experience through Slack Connect
Application window showing insights from a marketing campaign

Slack for Marketing

Bring teams together to go to market faster.

  • Drive campaign efficiency with workflow automation to prioritise, strategise, and focus on high-impact work
  • Unify go-to-market activities by pulling all stakeholders, conversations, tools, and insights into one central place
  • Unlock ROI from your partnerships by securely bringing internal and external teams together in real time
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Slack for IT

Boost productivity to innovate quickly and securely.

  • Share information with teams and partners, support flexible work styles, and automate routine requests
  • Bring app integrations into the flow of teamwork, reduce context switching, and simplify engagement
  • Secure any communication, mitigate security issues faster, and prevent phishing and social engineering
Application window showing automated alerts for developers

Slack for Engineering

Develop and launch better products in less time.

  • Bring your DevOps tools, teams, and processes together with integrations and automated workflows
  • Resolve incidents faster with automated incident response across ITSM and monitoring tools, distraction-free troubleshooting, and timestamped audit trails
  • Increase developer productivity with reduced context switching, real-time async communications, and no-code automations
Nolan Frazier headshot

The time saved by eliminating stand-up meetings has allowed the team to be more strategic about organising their calendars and preserve time for our weekly ‘Blue Sky’ thinking time. It’s been really powerful.

Jen Beirne,
Head of Marketing, Amazon Alexa ANZ

Slack for Departments FAQ

Slack helps make sales a team sport by facilitating seamless and fast collaboration between cross-functional teams and decision makers in any organisation. With the Sales Cloud and Slack integration, we're bringing your Sales CRM data directly into the flow of work and collaboration in Slack.

Yes, customer service teams are getting issues resolved 26% faster*. The Service Cloud and Slack integration means service organisations can take advantage of things like case swarming, which allows everyone to find the right experts and collaborate and solve challenges quickly. That means getting to a resolution faster for the customer.
* Source: Salesforce FY23 Customer Success Metrics Global Report

By bringing insights and data from the Marketing Cloud integration into channels dedicated to projects, teams, and campaigns, Marketing can execute on plans faster and collaborate better with Sales.

Slack makes IT and developer work simpler and more productive. Working with tools from the Salesforce and Slack platforms together increases the value of the existing tech stack and centralises team discussions.