Optus changes the game with simplicity and speed.
Salesforce helps Optus put its money where its mouth is. With a remit to ‘take out the clutter’ we’ve helped Optus to displace 10 disparate systems within its SMB sales business. Efficiencies abound in the SMB sales operation with provisioning done in days and there’s been sudden drop in rework rates for new contracts. According to Optus the future is cloud. It’s about having the ability to connect in the apps that keep you nimble, and keep customers coming back.
“Salesforce is a game changer for Optus SMB customers.”
Frances Martin, Head of Sales Operations & Business Development
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Whether you’re a corner shop or a global enterprise, Salesforce helps you discover opportunities, generate leads, sell smarter, service and market better, and make customers awesomely happy. That’s the short version. Ready for the details?
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