Nonprofit: Reimagining Technology to Put People First
Build and nurture life-long relationships with your constituents.

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Nonprofit: Reimagining Technology to Put People First

At the centre of innovation for a nonprofit are donors, volunteers, advocates, and beneficiaries -- they are the people facing the world’s toughest problems. To make meaningful social change, nonprofits need to alter the minds, hearts, and experiences of people, and to do so at scale requires technology perfectly aligned with our nature as humans . Nonprofits need new ways to engage a wide range of stakeholders, raise funds to fuel their missions, and deliver programs effectively. They need innovation faster because our global challenges can’t wait. Join us to hear a panel of Trailblazers discuss how Salesforce  is disrupting change making by innovating on the world’s best people-centred CRM in a race to make our world better. Hear from Nonprofit trailblazers who have accelerated their progress towards a cleaner, safer, and healthier world. Join us to reimagine technology that puts humanity first.
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