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Salesforce for Automotive

Transform automotive experiences.

Accelerate your innovation with AI and automation. Enhance customer experiences, explore new revenue models, and power software-defined vehicles with the Einstein 1 Platform and the #1 AI CRM, built for the automotive industry.

Automotive leaders achieve success with the #1 AI CRM for automotive.


Automotive organizations drive remarkable results with Salesforce.

days average implementation time*
Get fast time to value.
33 %
faster automation of business processes*
Improve operational efficiency.
21 %
decrease in IT costs*
Reduce costs while driving revenue.

It all starts with the #1 AI CRM for automotive.

An automotive console with driver profile information and actions and alerts based on driver and vehicle data.

Automotive Cloud

See your driver’s information in one place. Dive into purchase and service histories, check open leases and warranties, and even manage in-vehicle features and subscriptions. Now you can surprise and delight at every touchpoint with an AI CRM for automotive.

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Everything you need to maximize ROI.

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Salesforce CRM for Automotive FAQ

Customer relationship management for the automotive industry is a system for managing all of your company’s interactions with current and potential customers, as well as critical information like driver, vehicle, retail, and automotive financial data.

First, determine what you want an automotive CRM to solve. An automotive CRM should include functionality, such as vehicle and driver information, automotive lead management, partner performance management, inventory management, fleet management, embedded analytics and AI, and more.

An automotive CRM can help you get 360-degree visibility into your customers and their households and vehicles, build a robust sales pipeline, intelligently manage your vehicle and parts product portfolio, and deliver meaningful service experiences for drivers and households.

Consider an automotive CRM if you find that your customer-facing interactions are misguided, that you’re missing upsell opportunities, or if you want to better serve drivers and their households. An automotive CRM like Automotive Cloud helps teams take action fast and delight every customer.