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Dashboards show a lead’s info, a rep’s open deals, as well the lead’s Einstein “Likelihood to close” score.

Build trusted relationships with the #1 AI CRM.

Engage meaningfully with drivers and their households, improve trust with automakers, and empower your staff to take action fast with the #1 AI CRM for automotive dealerships and retailers.

Leading automotive brands are transforming customer experiences with the #1 AI CRM.


Engage more meaningfully.

All the driver and vehicle information you need, at your fingertips. Sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently with the #1 AI CRM, now built for automotive sales and service.

  • Capture every detail. Get visibility into the details that make a difference – from specific vehicle interests to purchasing timelines, household influences, vehicle sales, and service history.
  • Drive better outreach. Ensure higher lead conversions and seamless lead handoffs to build a better sales pipeline.
  • Sell more vehicles and services. Sell smarter and more efficiently with the best sales software, now customized for automotive sales. Empower your sellers with the driver and vehicle data they need to close more deals.

Improve partner relationships.

Drive better collaboration between your dealership rooftops and your ecosystem partners to improve performance, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

  • Get insights into rooftop sales. Track proof-of-sales records for each vehicle or part that's sold by a dealership, and even request inventory transfers across locations.
  • Create shared goals. Distribute sales targets based on the region and products they’re responsible for, and even manage compliance and onsite visits.
  • Improve trust with automakers. Share actionable insights into sales metrics, agreement and target compliance, and lead conversion rates with your OEM partners.

Supercharge your staff.

Connect systems, automate processes, and empower your teams with AI-driven insights built for automotive needs, so they can take action fast.

  • Create a single source of truth. Get one view of your driver and vehicle data, so anyone can self-serve information, securely, whenever they need it.
  • Take action fast. Manage key touchpoints, including upcoming appointments or the status of a warranty or claim, in one platform.
  • Empower your teams. Automate processes and surface important alerts or recommendations so your team can work more efficiently.

Salesforce for Automotive Retailers FAQ

Car dealership CRM software helps dealers manage all of their company’s interactions with customers, and unify information like driver, vehicle, retail, and automotive financial data. This helps improve sales and service experiences and delight every customer.

An enterprise-ready auomotive CRM is recommended for large automobile firms.

An automotive CRM for car dealerships can help you get a 360-degree view of your drivers' and vehicles' needs and history, build a robust sales pipeline, intelligently manage your vehicle and parts product portfolio, and deliver meaningful service experiences for drivers and households.

Determine what you want an automotive CRM to solve for your dealership. A CRM for car dealers should include functionality like vehicle and driver information, automotive lead management, partner performance management, inventory management, fleet management, embedded analytics and AI, and more.