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Sales teams track their personal quota, their team quote, forecast gaps, and likely deals in their pipeline in a dashboard.

Power immersive vehicle experiences.

Deploy innovative connected vehicle subscriptions, services, and mobility solutions fast and at scale, powered by the Einstein 1 Platform.

Unlock new revenue streams.

Offer innovative features, subscriptions, or services, customized based on household data, purchase history, or servicing needs – all in the #1 AI CRM for automotive.

  • Bring vehicle data into the CRM. Use a one-to-one visual mapping of subscriptions, services, and features, turned on or available for the vehicle to drive upsells.
  • Turn data into revenue. Transform vehicle telematics data into meaningful offers or services that your drivers find valuable and are willing to buy.
  • Innovate with new subscriptions or services. Iterate on new business models or revenue streams based on rich data in the CRM, including past purchases or website interest.

Get to market faster.

Leverage an out-of-the-box solution so you can focus on your differentiated in-vehicle offerings, and we’ll do the rest.

  • Use a purpose-built platform. Leverage the world’s #1 AI CRM to create customizable, predictive, and hyper-relevant experiences, ready for you.
  • Accelerate your innovation. Focus your engineering resources on building value-add offerings and services, instead of starting from scratch.
  • Reduce technical debt. Reduce time to market and architectural complexity with a single, customizable platform built for your needs.

Personalize any moment.

Harmonize your driver, vehicle, retail, and finance data into a single profile that powers exceptional experiences, anywhere.

  • Harmonize automotive data. Connect your driver and vehicle data so every touchpoint – whether automated, personal, or in-vehicle – is powered by the same, up-to-date profile.
  • Update any channel, anywhere, in real time. Harmonize and take action on telematics data at scale and across any channel with rule-based event frameworks.
  • Develop data-driven experiences. Create more personalized and relevant experiences, and track lifetime value for both the driver and the vehicle in the CRM.

Salesforce Software-Defined Vehicle Software FAQ

Connected car platforms help automotive businesses manage the data, connectivity, and functionality associated with operating connected or software-defined vehicles.

Connected vehicles require and produce an abundance of data, and this data can be processed either within the vehicle or in the cloud. Cloud computing and a connected car cloud platform allow automotive organizations to process and act on critical data, fast.

Connected mobility solutions describe the growing development of technologies in the automotive industry that allow vehicles to offer smart, immersive experiences personalized for every driver or every experience.

Connected mobility solutions help automotive businesses develop software-defined solutions, services, and vehicles. Businesses that are able to innovate and respond to connected vehicle and mobility industry trends will be more successful in attracting drivers and driving revenue.

It’s important to choose the right connected car cloud platform that empowers your teams with easy-to-use AI tools or embedded analytics to parse through telematics data in a secure way, while surfacing critical information related to driver or vehicle experiences or safety.