Have you ever noticed how some of your coworkers respond to Chatter posts instantly? It’s like they’ve got one eye on Chatter all day long. How do they stay on top of Chatter and still get the rest of their work done?

Their secret is simple: Chatter Desktop. It’s the most effective way to collaborate in Chatter without losing focus on your other work. When a Chatter update occurs, Chatter Desktop pops up an alert in your Windows Taskbar or Mac OS X Dock, just like Outlook does when a new email arrives, so you don’t have to keep checking your browser. Chatter Desktop also makes sharing files a cinch--just drag them from your computer to the drop-box on the Chatter Desktop UI.

The second version of Chatter Desktop—with a completely redesigned UI—is making its debut today. Check out the tabs on the left—where you can easily switch between all your Chatter data, updates that mention you, updates from people you're following, and updates from groups you've joined. You can also now use Chatter Desktop to see updates to records you're following. And, a “Sort By” filter lets you instantly sort updates by post date, or both post date and comment date.
If you’re not already using Chatter Desktop, download it, try it, and let us know what you think!