Our customers care about their footprints, which is why we aim to minimize our environmental impact in everything we do. It’s something our community believes in, and it’s something we believe in, too.

Exciting news this week, Newsweek ranked salesforce.com in the top 12 percent of the 500 largest US companies in their 2011 US Green Rankings. With an overall ranking on #60, we were featured 14th out of US-based IT companies.

Newsweek’s Green Rankings looks at the environmental impact of each company, how they manage their footprint, and their sustainability communications to recognize the top achievers from America’s 500 largest companies.

Inclusion in Newsweek’s Green Rankings and CDP’s Leadership Index (with an overall score of 91 out of 100) illustrates that we take sustainability to heart at salesforce.com. Our multi-tenant architecture makes it possible for salesforce.com to have a smaller impact on the environment. More applications running on fewer servers results in lower levels of carbon emissions. It’s easy math, see how it adds up:

Carbon meter logo

But we aren’t doing this alone. We’d like to thank our customers who demand excellence from us in everything we do, and our employees who inspire us to reach for new heights with their ideas, actions, and passion.

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