We just got extraordinary news! In May, we voluntarily reported our carbon emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent nonprofit organization holding the world’s largest database of corporate climate change information, and the results are amazing!

We received an overall score of 91; a fantastic recognition of the work we are doing to mitigate climate change. CDP also included salesforce.com on the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index! This is an incredible accomplishment for a first time reporting company, and we are one of two companies (out of 55 1st time reporters) to be highlighted as a leader this year.

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The Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index is a key component of CDP’s annual S&P 500 report, and highlights companies who’ve demonstrated the most professional approach to greenhouse gas emissions, emission reduction targets and risks / opportunities associated with climate change. Our score indicates strong internal management and understanding of climate-change-related issues affecting the company.

“We’re very excited to be featured by CDP on the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index,” says Graham Smith, salesforce.com’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “It’s a great accomplishment to publicly disclose for the first time, receive a score of 91 and be featured on the Leadership Index.”

We’re proud of the results and will continue on our journey to become a sustainable organization. For more information on salesforce.com’s sustainability efforts, please go to: www.salesforce.com/company/sustainability

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