Woohoo! It’s 12:01 and almost the entire company is here in the office. We just pulled the switch on something we’ve been working on since September — when we became part of the family.

As of now — well as of one minute ago — we are

Our Roots, Our Wings

When we founded Assistly, we envisioned an application that would revolutionize how companies deliver customer service in a social world. The new social, mobile, global consumer was changing the landscape of customer service.

Twitter, Facebook and mobile phones were taking their place as first class citizens alongside phone, email and more traditional support channels. New customer expectations were creating an exploding demand on companies large and small.

Last September, when we were acquired by we were given the opportunity to re-imagine our vision of a social, mobile, and easy-to-use help desk for small and medium sized businesses. Since the acquisition, our team has taken the best of what customers loved about Assistly, and responded with the tool we release today.

Welcome to is the social help desk. It’s easy to use. It’s affordable. It’s mobile. It’s an entirely new application. is based on everything you’re already familiar with in Assistly, but we rebuilt our application from the ground up. There is nothing to relearn, and you will immediately feel at home. But there’s also lots new to share, including:

  • Mobile
  • A New Agent Desktop
  • Trust as a Pillar
  • Coming Soon! Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

The Mobile App

Today we officially released Mobile, our mobile app, and it’s available to every full time agent at no additional charge. Now you can have a help desk in your pocket and respond to customers from wherever you are. In today’s culture of “mobile warming”—72% of small businesses use mobile apps in their daily operations— Mobile is for the employee on the go. It’s based on HTML5, which means it runs on smartphones including the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones that support HTML5. We’re making it free to all full-time agents, and it will soon be available for flex agents too. 


A New Agent Desktop

Our agent desktop has always been the center of our support experience, and now we’ve made it even better. Agents using will discover a new and more streamlined agent desktop. We’ve made it faster and we gave it a fresh new design, but we’ve kept everything you’ve come to love.  You get the best of both worlds. You get a fresh experience, but there’s nothing new to learn.


Trust as a Pillar

Today we are also introducing Expanding on our status page,, we now establish the next benchmark for service level reporting, accountability, and transparency for will be the place where we continuously report historical uptime, and hold ourselves to the highest standards, aiming at 100% as a goal.

Trust for ABS

Like all of the things we add to our product, was inspired by our conversations with customers. Our customers expect our communications to be rapidly responsive and accurate. We are proud to be part of, and we’ve modeled afer Salesforce’s own, introduced in 2007.

One of the reasons we are so proud to be a Salesforce company is because of their emphasis on trust. Trust will guide our team and individual behavior in all our dealings with you, our customers, as we continue to grow and work toward your success. We will always put customers first and be your partner in the important work you perform.

Coming Soon! Enhanced Analytics and Reporting will soon be unveiling a completely redesigned and upgraded reporting and analytics module. The new reporting and analytics, currently in private testing, will be rolled out to customers within 30-60 days. Highlights include:  

  • 12 pre-built reports that include metrics such as: Average Handle Time, Time to First Response, and First Contact Resolution Rate. These are based on useful industry-standard analytics as well as requests from our customers.
  • An Analytics Dashboard for at-a-glance summary of  the health of your support organization
  • More accurate reporting with real-time data collection
  • Time metrics calculated based on your business hours
  • Reports by hours, days, weeks, or months
  • Segmentation lets you view your data across several dimensions, including: Labels, Custom Fields, Agents, Groups, Channels, Priority, and Time.
  • Export tools for downloading your report as CSV files or sending as attachments

Smaller and medium-sized businesses don’t necessarily have an analytics or service operations expert on staff. We designed the new features with a tremendous amount of customer input and research to be immediately useful to any business or customer support manager or team member without any specialized training. For the more experienced user who needs to be able to drill down into the data and look at custom segmentation, the new reporting now accommodates those needs as well.

Analytics for ABS

Some Things Won’t Change

It’s always been our goal to be the best professional partner you could have. This name change, these new features,  and the support that they represent are evidence of that commitment.

We want to see you use our great product to its fullest advantage, so that your business can reach its greatest potential. A lot of hard work—yours and ours—got us to this day. We look forward to working with all of you in the exciting times ahead.