At salesforce.com, customer success is our number one priority. 

We understand that our 100,000+ customers expect continuous innovation and enhancements to their existing products, and we are strongly committed to delivering on this promise, as we have now for 36 straight product releases.
At the same time, our customers also expect us to invest in new products, such as our recent introductions of the Service Cloud, Chatter, and Database.com. Some of these products are offered for an additional charge.
In December, we pre-announced a new set of enterprise analytics capabilities on our blog.  While we viewed this as a new product, feedback from customers clearly showed they view these features as enhancements to our current functionality. We got it wrong, and we sincerely apologize to our customers.
Today we are announcing that, as part of the Spring ‘12 release, our new enterprise analytics features will be included in Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition at no additional charge.
As a social enterprise, it’s essential we listen to our customers and what they expect around continuous innovation and enhancements on their existing products. We welcome your feedback.
George Hu,
COO, salesforce.com