Recently the Salesforce Service Cloud received Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) verification from the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI). 


Why is this important?

Social enterprises put customers at the heart of their business.  And part of any customer service strategy for social enterprises means delighting customers by resolving their issues as quickly as possible.  Knowledge-Centered Support is a methodology that focuses on knowledge as the key asset of a support organization and that can help companies solve cases faster, optimize the use of their resources, and build organizational learning.  The Salesforce Service Cloud is one of only five integrated case and knowledge management products in the industry to have received this certification.

According to the CSI, organizations that have adopted KCS report up to 60 percent improvements in resolution time, 50 percent increases in first-contact resolution, 40 percent improvements in agent satisfaction (happy agents generally make for happier customers), and 50 percent increases in case deflection.


What does this mean for me as a Salesforce Service Cloud customer?

On the Service Cloud team, we believe that a rich and evolving knowledge base is integral to any social enterprise focused on delivering an experience that truly delights customers.  That’s why we have taken the innovative “knowledge as a platform” approach within the Service Cloud, where a company’s knowledge base is integrated tightly with every aspect of support, on every channel.  That means whether an agent is working on the phone, or over social channels like Facebook, that knowledge is tightly integrated into the agent – and customer – experience. 

This knowledge-centered approach is just one reason why the Service Cloud is’s fastest-growing product line with more than 17,000 customers and why the Service Cloud recently won both the best Customer Case Management and the best Web Support categories in the 2012 CRM magazine Service Awards.

This is exciting news for the Service Cloud and our customers. I’m looking forward to helping companies using the Service Cloud successfully transform into social enterprises.


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Salesforce Service Cloud is Now Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Verified