It is my honor to introduce you to our Spring '12 Salesforce MVPs.  With the new class, we also have the opportunity of congratulating a set of MVPs that are serving their second term!  

The MVPs in this group answers hundreds of questions, respond to late night tweets, write helpful best practice blogs, suggest great roadmap ideas, and run local user groups -- all in their SPARE time.  They are the ones that truly go above and beyond representing the spirit of the Salesforce Community. 

I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone in the Salesforce Communtiy when I say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Welcome to the wild world of the Salesforce MVP Program.  For more information about the MVP Program visit and for a complete list of the current MVPs visit: Salesforce & MVPs.

Scott Hemmeter (NEW)

Deepa Patel (NEW)

Nik Panter  (2nd Term!)

Jason Atwood (NEW)

Aiden Martin  (2nd Term!)

Justin Edelstein  (2nd Term!)

Geraldine Gray  (2nd Term!)

Marco Casalaina  (2nd Term!)

Matt Lamb  (2nd Term!)

Jason Paquette (NEW)

Andrew Gross  (NEW)

Meryl Flynn  (2nd Term!)

Judi Sohn  (2nd Term!)

Jenn Phillips  (2nd Term!)

Jared Miller (NEW)

David Schach  (2nd Term!)

Amber Neill  (2nd Term!)

David Pier (NEW)

Adam Bataran  (2nd Term!)

Elizabeth Davidson  (2nd Term!)

Andy Ognenoff  (2nd Term!)

Jason Venable  (2nd Term!)