10 Tips to Up Your Sales Game

Whether you’ve been selling for a few years or you’re just starting out, these 10 tips will help you get more appointments, create more pipeline, and close more deals.

By the time you have internalized these tips, you’ll be buying that yacht or car you’ve been eyeing. Enough talk, let’s get to the tips!

1: Focus -  Days get busy, customers have questions, and it’s easy for you to feel like you didn’t get to the things you wanted. Define your sales goals and set daily objectives. For example, you might want to have 10 qualified opportunities per month or schedule 1 meeting per day.

2: Start with the end in mind -  Ever tried driving in a new area without an end destination in mind? Well, let me tell you it doesn’t work. You have to have a destination in mind before you set out to get there. Sales is no different so define what outcome you’re looking for before you make that call or attend that meeting.

3: Be strategic - Times have changed and the shotgun approach to getting things done doesn’t work as well anymore. If you’ve decided what end you have in mind, target executives and ask for referrals to the right individuals that will help you move closer to your end goal.

4: Have a conversation - Who wants to sit and listen to someone talk about how great they are? The answer is “no one”, in case you’re wondering. With that in mind, don’t sell or “pitch” your product. Make conversations about the person you’re speaking with, and learn about them first, then about their company or issues.

5: Don’t be Santa Claus -  Santa is known for giving wonderful things when people ask for them. In the sales world, that could get you in trouble. Don’t get in habit of just doing what folks ask. It’s a relationship and you should feel comfortable asking for something in return. A good example is someone asking for a demo. Before you demo, tell them you’d like to have a discovery call and make sure the decision maker is on the call.

6: Be prepared - Know who you are calling & why. You need to own the conversation and if you don’t have a reason for calling and can’t articulate the connection, any objection they give will throw you off your game.

7: Be the expert - Know the industry terminology, trends, and key pain points. You want them to look to you for recommendations so make sure you can give those.

8: Do your research - Leverage internal and external resources to understand the company vision and priorities. This sets you apart from the other sales reps and allows you to build a relationship faster. They’ll look at you as a consultant and friend rather than a sales person.

9: Float like a butterfly - Be flexible like a boxer and adjust messaging based on the audience. Speak to what they care about most. For example, CEOs care about achieving growth objectives, outpacing competitors. CMOs on the other hand are concerned with pipeline generation, how to leverage social media, keeping costs as low as possible.

10: Do the numbers - Sales is a numbers game and don’t forget that. The more calls you make the better chances you have at closing more deals. So don’t be afraid to make calls and be genuinely interested in what your clients are saying.

BOOM! You’ve just learned what the 10 tips are to becoming a rock star sales rep. Read, Practice, and Live these tips. They’ve been proven time and time again and I’m confident you’ll see success as well. Why did we share these golden tips you ask? Well, when you do get that yacht or fun car you’ve been eyeing, you just make sure to take us for a ride.


Tips gathered from salesforce.com VP of Sales, Scott Keane

Image courtesy of Glengarry Glen Ross movie 

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