Customer loyalty
In the world of sales and marketing, it's critical to keep the customers you win: they are the source of your profit, they become brand advocates, and create a virtuous cycle of referrals, repeat purchases, cross-sell/up-sell, etc.

As you can see by the chart below -  research shows that rather than product quality, price to value, or company brand -- the real determinant of customer loyalty is the sales experience.

Key to that experience is a sales person who helps customers think bigger -- the Challenger sales person.

CEB customer loyalty

This year at Dreamforce, we are thrilled to have Brent Adamson of CEB (formerly Corporate Executive Board) speak to this research and share his treasure trove of findings about  sales teams at top companies.

During his breakout sessions, Brent will talk about:  

  • The Challenger Sale: behavioral profiles of the most productive reps
  • The Mobilizer: how sales can ID the buyers to spend time with – and which to avoid
  • The Insight Sale: The End of Solution Selling and how you can grow deal sizes
  • BONUS! Challenger customer panel: Hear from top sales organizations that have adopted the Challenger sale – and how it's helping them grow

Sign up for Brent's Challenger session here, though I'll be attending all 4.

And don't miss out on the Sales Cloud keynote Thursday morning.

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