Google is out with a new study “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior.” It describes how we use multiple screens for the completion of a single task. It’s oriented towards consumers, but I’d bet there are implications for the enterprise.

New multiscreen

Google says that it comes down to two multi-screen modes:

  • “Sequential screening where we move from one device to another to complete a single goal
  • Simultaneous screening where we use multiple devices at the same time”

 Here’s how it works:

“We found that nine out of ten people use multiple screens sequentially and that smartphones are by far the most common starting point for sequential activity. So completing a task like booking a flight online or managing personal finances doesn’t just happen in one sitting on one device. In fact, 98% of sequential screeners move between devices in the same day to complete a task.  

With simultaneous usage, we found that TV no longer commands our undivided attention, with 77% of viewers watching TV with another device in hand. In many cases people search on their devices, inspired by what they see on TV.”

For marketers, this means that cross platforms are key and spur of the moment opportunities should be offered. Search is a key pull-though app (this is Goggle after all).


What about you? Which business app/function do you begin on you mobile device and finish on a laptop? How should our apps change to keep up with this trend? Which app vendors “get” it? Looking forward to seeing your comments and suggestions below.