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On Monday we pushed the latest version of Android Chatter to Google Play with a few new features which we hope you enjoy.

We have introduced the ability to share content from your phone directly to Chatter. For example, if you open your Camera app (as well as many others) you will see "Chatter" listed in the sharing menu.

The new version allows you to see dashboards in your feed. We've also enhanced the commenting capability by adding the option to "like" comments as well as letting users upload pictures in response to comments.

Here's the full updated feature list:

  • View dashboards in posts
  • Upload files on comments
  • "Like" comments on posts
  • Share content from other apps within Chatter
We have even more coming in the next release which will include access to records so you'll be able to write on the wall of a record within Chatter. Stay tuned as we'll be posting product updates right here on the blog.