Dr. Steve Garnett[2]
We’ve been following a lively conversation on the use of the term “social enterprise” in the technology and nonprofit sectors. We want to join in the dialogue and share our view on the topic.

Thirteen years ago, salesforce.com pioneered the enterprise cloud computing market. And today, we are leading the next big shift in enterprise computing. There is a social revolution happening - the number of social networking users has surpassed e-mail users and nearly a quarter of all time spent online is spent on social networks. Companies are looking for new ways to connect with their customers, partners and employees and salesforce.com is empowering them with what we call social enterprise technologies.

That’s why salesforce.com has applied to register the trademark for “social enterprise” in the information technology sector. When it comes to trademarks, businesses or organizations in different sectors can use the same trademark. Salesforce.com does not own or intend to own the trademark rights for the term social enterprise within the nonprofit sector, and is not seeking to restrict descriptive uses of the phrase by others in philanthropy, social responsibility, community involvement or mission-driven organizations.

Salesforce.com applauds and actively supports the efforts of organizations who work for social change and to improve our world. If you are interested in learning more about salesforce.com’s integrated philanthropic model, please visit the Salesforce.com Foundation.