At salesforce.com, we aim high and constantly look ahead. And when we reach a destination, we don’t linger too long; we keep things moving - thinking and innovating about how we can improve on what we’ve already accomplished. We understand the ultimate rewards are often found in the journey rather than the destination. This intense focus on forward momentum has spurred enormous success for us as a company and as individuals. So ... we invited a few of our adventurous employees who are thriving in their #dreamjobs to share the unique stories of how they got from Point Then to Point Now. May their journeys help to inspire your own. 

Warren Wick launched his salesforce.com career in 2002, working the phones as a sales rep. His first week on the job, he received some sound advice from CEO and founder Marc Benioff : “Give yourself a 10-year vision.”

He did, and it worked.

Between 2003 and 2006, his career climbed steadily from one promotion to another. Along the way, he connected with key execs to which he often expressed his ambition to grow with the company. That worked, too.

Today, he calls the shots as Regional Vice President, Strategic Accounts, for the Central U.S. region.

Warren may have hit the big time, but that hasn’t changed him a bit. He’s still the scrappy guy who answered the 1-800 line and took Benioff’s advice to heart, but now he’s handing out the words of wisdom and encouragement to his own team.

Follow Warren’s #dreamjob journey in the infographic below, and you might just pick up a few tips to help take your own career to the next level. 

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Warren Wick Career Path