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The most active members of the Salesforce community, our MVPs, have put together 23 incredible #df12 sessions. These talks are based on questions and requests by YOU -- the community. And the bottom line is....if the Salesforce MVPs are running a session, you just can’t miss it.   Spots are filling up fast (and some are already SOLD out) so get these sessions on your calendar NOW!  

Answers Live 1234 (four chances to see this session)
This is your chance to ask some of our expert users about tips, tricks, and best practices. Join us with your toughest questions and leave with a smile on your face and the answers you wanted most. 
9/18/2012  2:00:00 PM 
9/19/2012  3:00:00 PM 
9/20/2012  2:00:00 PM
9/21/2012  11:30:00 AM

Become a Formula Ninja
Math not your thing? Stuck in a functionality rut? Join us to learn a few key tips and tricks for using Salesforce MVPs to write kick-butt formulas. Walk away with actual formulas that you can immediately put to use. 
9/18/2012  12:15:00 PM

Becoming a Better Admin
Every wonder why all Salesforce admins are not created equal? Join us to hear from some of the best of the breed and steal their top tips that got them there. These super stars will fire off as many tips as possible to fit in this 30-minute session. 
9/18/2012  2:00:00 PM

IdeaExchange: Under the Covers
Ever wonder how a great idea makes it from a customer's imagination to your desktop? Join us as our top IdeaExchange contributors reveal how they come up with their brilliant brainstorms, and salesforce.com Product Managers explain how they bring them to life. Your idea could be next. Come get inspired!
9/18/2012  11:00:00 AM

Top #askforce Tips
Ever had a tough Salesforce question and needed an immediate answer? Join us to get to know our #askforce user community on Twitter and hear about the top questions they get asked. 
9/18/2012  1:00:00 PM

Apps, Apps and More Apps
Have you ever thought to yourself: I wish there was an app that [insert your deepest desire here]. The Salesforce AppExchange has thousands of business applications and services for every department and industry. Join us to hear from several power users on the best way to find the coolest and most useful apps out there. 
9/19/2012  1:30:00 PM

Clean Data: A Journey, not a Destination
Are Sales and Marketing not agreeing on the number of existing leads? Are your email lists overwhelmed by duplicates? Do your campaigns appear like they've influenced $0 in opportunities? Maintaining a clean database is not just a periodic spring cleaning, it's an on-going process that means understanding where duplicates are coming from, then mitigating or preventing them while ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Join us to hear about on-going processes that help you manage duplication, increase efficiencies, and improve your reporting metrics. 
9/19/2012  3:00:00 PM

Comedy of Clouds
Do you ever revert to satire to get you through your day as an Administrator? Then join us and get your laugh on..but get your learn on too...in a clever, poignant way. This acting troupe of seasoned administrators has seen it all! In our 10-year salesforce.com careers, we've experienced eccentric user requests, application designs, system requirements, wacky support, and application nuances. We've collected our creative forces and put together 60 minutes of spoofs that are guaranteed to make you laugh and learn.
9/19/2012  4:30:00 PM

Getting to Know the Community
Salesforce.com has an abundance of online community and social media sites where you can ask questions, get answers, and share ideas and expertise. Join us for a guided tour of our most useful and popular websites, forums, hashtags, and blogsplus a primer on community etiquette. Youll walk away tuned in to all the FREE resources you need for success. 
9/19/2012  1:45:00 PM

How to be a Marketable Admin
The role of Salesforce Admin has expanded over the years and a stellar admin is highly sought after. Join us to learn how to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in the Salesforce Admin world. Team up with experts to tweak your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and snazz up your overall online persona so you are positioned the best way possible. 
9/19/2012  12:15:00 PM

Release Management
Keeping up with the many Salesforce feature releases is a tough task. Are you implementing Winter '11 features when salesforce.com is rolling out Winter '12? Join us to hear from the experts on how to improve upon your existing processes or create brand new ones to manage change. 
9/19/2012  3:15:00 PM

Bring Good Karma with your Admin Skills
We all lead very busy lives and struggle to find time to give back. Join us to learn how you can use your Salesforce admin skills to make a big difference in the many nonprofit organizations that need you. Hear how you can get started today and gain a few karma points along the way. 
9/20/2012  12:00:00 PM

Building Your Brand
Want to stand out in the cloud crowd? Join us as two of our most prolific bloggers share their hard-earned expertise on establishing or enhancing your own online identity, and becoming a valuable member of the Salesforce blog community. Get actionable tips on building a strong online brand that will get you noticed. 
9/20/2012  1:00:00 PM

Chatter Worthy
Hear a first-hand account of how to implement Chatter in your company. Join us to learn tips for testing, smooth roll-out, and increasing user adoption. Get ready to make your company social. 
9/20/2012  10:30:00 AM

Getting Secure with Security
We know that keeping data secure is critical to gaining the confidence of users_ and encouraging the adoption of Salesforce. Join us to become armed with tips and best practices that help you design the security you need and drive usage while letting you sleep at night. 
9/20/2012  12:15:00 PM

I'm An Admin - Get Me Out of Here!
You're an admin and you know - clap your hands - but you're ready to move onto the next rung in your career so where do you go next and how do you get there? Whether you're thinking of consulting or wondering what else is out there, join us to get advice, the pros and cons, and highs and lows from a few people who've been there, done that, and worn the washed-out T-shirt. 
9/20/2012  10:00:00 AM

Too Many Chefs in Your Admin Setup Kitchen?
A team of admins, developers, and consultants all making changes to your salesforce.com org at the same time can be a nightmare. Don't let your setup soup be ruined by too many chefs. Join us to learn tips to keep deployments from colliding, and pitfalls to avoid when directing air traffic in the cloud. 
9/20/2012  11:30:00 AM

What? Me...Social?
Are you are small or medium business that wants to build your own social enterprise, but feel like you dont have the time, resources or money to do so? Join us to get some tips from the trenches on how you can become a social enterprise by leveraging resources like social media, online community, Chatter and the AppExchange. 
9/20/2012  1:00:00 PM

What NOT To Do As a Salesforce.com Admin
Join us to learn from those that have lived the horror stories. People who have lived through the wringer will tell the tales of what not to do so that you don't make the same mistakes.
9/21/2012  10:00:00 AM