Today, the Chatter mobile dev team is pleased to announce the release of the next revision of Chatter for iOS : 2.4.  The team has worked hard to add crucial functionality that many of our user have requested (more like screamed for :-).  If you do not have Chatter in your company, please go to and sign up!

What's New?
Likes on comments
Files on comments
Re-share to your profile
iPhone 5 UI tweaks

Likes on comments
Many users REALLY wanted this functionality on iOS.  This feature lets a user tap on the “Like” icon to give a thumbs up to posts from their co-workers.  

It may seem like a small item, but it has tremendous impact on usability and adoption.  Now users can like comments on the go when the urge or the emotional urge to do so strikes, thus making better and more unfiltered collaboration.

Files on comments
This is another very high-impact feature that makes collaboration, conversation and sharing deeper.  When a user replies to a post, they can attach a file to their comment. This can be a picture (camera or camera roll) or a document from their Chatter Files.  This feature helps mobile users contribute in a rich and collaborative way.  

Re-Share to your profile
Re-Share to your profile is a great way to grab posts that others have published and re-share them with your followers.

iPhone 5 UI tweaks
We all love the new iPhone 5!  Who wouldn’t like a taller display with a lighter design?  We have changed our app with some minor UI tweaks to take advantage of this new, #AWESOME device.  

Moving forward
We are also embarking on a faster development and release cycle to bring the most important customer features to the public faster.  We think you will be pleased with the new direction we are going and hope to hear about your experiences with Chatter for iOS.  Feel free to send feedback to me directly to

Want to know more?  Go to for more details!

See you soon!
Chatter iOS Team