Have you ever wanted to read or share an online help topic without being logged in to the Salesforce application?

Now you can – no login required! Salesforce Help is available here,, for everyone. Bookmark it now! 


What is the Salesforce help portal?

The Salesforce Help Portal has everything users and administrators need to be successful with Salesforce features, training, certification, and support. There you can find:

  • Help Documentation
  • Knowledge Articles
  • Quick Starts
  • Training and Certification information
  • Top Support Questions

What’s the best way to find the information I need?

The best way to search the online help is to type your subject into the Help search box and then filter your results as needed:

  • Toggle between the Articles tab for topics and the YouTube tab for videos.
  • Narrow search results by Document Type, Topics, and Language.

You can also use the gadgets like Documentation, Browse Knowledge, and Quick Starts to browse instead of searching.

 Bookmark useful online help links like these:

  •  What’s New in Salesforce  helps you stay up-to-date with all of Salesforce’s features by providing release notes for the current release and past releases.
  • The Technical Library contains documentation, resources, and tools for developers building and customizing apps on the platform.