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 Benioff shoes
Our ebook "Social Media for IT and Software Companies" takes a look at what your IT or software company should be doing to use social media effectively, inside and outside the organization.

Whether you need the kind of advantages social media can give you for raising money, hiring excellent employees, developing products and services, programming as a team or simply communicating effectively – social media gives you several great tools to make these things happen.

One key to any company’s success in social media, front-facing or inward-facing, is top-down social media involvement.

Your CEO should be leading by example, creating a culture that encourages innovation and agile business practices through social media. There are some rockstar CEOs in social media right now, leading the charge for IT and software companies as social businesses.

Some include:

Benioff shoes
Marc Benioff's shoes made Activision CIO Robert Schmid stop in his tracks
Marc Benioff (Salesforce) “We are really missing in this industry a great leader. So we all have to pitch in. That’s how I approach this. I’m trying to get customers to be visionary for themselves and to see their future and what it’s going to mean to them. I hope all of our peers are doing that. We all need to be helping, collectively, build a vision — not me individually.”


Michael Dell (Dell) “It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Dell. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.”

Marissa Mayer(Yahoo!) One of her first acts as CEO of Yahoo! was to make sure every employee had a smart phone, so they could think like their users and deliver products relevant to their user base by using the same tools.

Josh James (Domo) ”What are you risking by NOT having your employees using social media?”

Sandy Carter (IBM) “If you’re not transforming your company into a social business, plan to be out of business.”

David K Williams (Fishbowl) calls social media a “universal university” where IT and software companies and customers can continuously learn from each other and create new successes.

These forward-thinking social business leaders are driving their companies into the future by integrating social into their business fabric. Who is your favorite example of a business leader in IT or software using social media right now?

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