It's time to recognize exception individuals in the Salesforce community for their leadership, product knowledge and ongoing contributions. Here is a brief video giving an overview of the program and what it takes to be a Salesforce MVP.

We will be inducting a new set of MVPs with each seasonal release so it's time to nominate your Winter '13 Salesforce MVPs.  Nominations will be accepted until October 19th, 2012.   Here's a current list of the Salesforce MVPs -- NOTE: all MVPs hold their position for a one year term and can be re-rewarded based on their prior year's Salesforce community activities.  So let the nominating begin and thanks for your support of the Salesforce Community! 

MVP Candidate 

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How does this individual go above and beyond, give exceptional service, demonstrate expertise and embody the Salesforce community on our social channels (Answers, Ideas, User Groups, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn etc.). Provide a brief explanation of your nomination below.