As a employee, some of the most exciting moments at Dreamforce for me were when I heard how other companies use our products to succeed.

Here is a selection of some of the most remarkable and inspiring stories of innovation we heard this year:

Virgin America makes your flight more social with Chatter
As one of the fastest growing airlines in the U.S., Virgin America has a crew of over 2600 employees. The challenge? Most of them never sit at a desk in front of a computer. How do you communicate with them and how do you form a cohesive company culture? The answer is Chatter. 

Burberry uses the Salesforce Platform to deliver sleek retail experience
Burberry has been on a mission: to blur the lines between physical and digital. The first step: bringing their employees together and shaping a cohesive company culture with Chatter. The second: using the Marketing Cloud to enhance their innovative social media strategy. Recently, with the help of the Platform they also launched "the store of the future" -- a physical space aiming to be as interactive and exciting as an online/social/mobile experience. See the future:

uses to motivate its workforce
Facebook is a new type of company -- socially connected and innovative to the core. Old-school management techniques and once-a-year performance reviews are not the best fit for such a culture. Enter, which allows employees to give immediate, year-around feedback to each other and onboard new hires quicker than ever.

Activision uses Service Cloud to provide customer support anywhere
Activision is the maker of some of the most popular games, including Call of Duty. They have a big and active gaming community and their goal is to provide customer support not only over the phone but wherever gamers are (Facebook, Twitter, forums).  The Service Cloud gives them this ability by bringing information together in one spot and allows the Activision employees to collaborate on answering the user questions. 

Commonwealth Bank uses Marketing Cloud to interact with its customers online
Think a bank can't be mobile and social? "Can't" isn't in Commonwealth Bank of Australia's vocabulary. "We're changing the way banking happens," says Chief Marketing Officer Andy Lark. Watch the video and find out how Chatter and the Marketing Cloud take banking to the next level.