Tony Robbins at Dreamforce
Prior to Tony Robbins' Dreamforce keynote speech "The Power to Breakthrough: Your Ultimate Edge," the well-known life coach and author sat down at the Dreamforce Studio for an interview.

Joined by Walter Rogers, the Baker Communications CEO and the co-author of their joint ebook, Robbins talks briefly about his proudest work, his philosophies, and gets specific about how Salesforce has helped to better connect his business to his community.

Watch the Tony Robbin's Dreamforce interview below:

In the Dreamforce video, Robbins touches on how he has assisted incredible individuals, such as Serena Williams and Bill Clinton, during tough times, his relationship with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, how he's engaged with Benioff's company to build his business and improve productivity, as well as his personal vision for the future.

Robbins also went in-depth upon how his company dealt with the negative media coverage in regards to the recent "firewalking seminar."

"...we had a media challenge where someone put out a story that was completely false, there was not an ounce of truth." said Robbins "but it was covered by about 100 newspapers overnight, around the world.

Fox News did a big piece on it. And our customers, because they were talking to each other, said 'this is absurd' there's nobody, no seminar with (sic) firewalking. No one was hospitalized. None of this was true. So they went after the media directly because they could talk to each other."

"It was amazing," Robbins continued, "(Chatter Communities) and some legal work as well, Fox News (sic) did a complete retraction; said none of it was true, nobody was hospitalized, nobody had these third-degree burns, and so forth. It was all turned around because of the Chatter community, primarily."

Anthony Robbins has worked with world leaders, sports professionals, presidents, and has inspired over 50 million people through his peak performance philosophy. For more information, go to Tony Robbin's official site  or download his newest book free, "Pathways to Growth