Fantastic news! has a sleek new space in Chicago. Even more fantastic news! We’ll need to fill that space with folks looking to land their #dreamjob with the world’s most innovative company.

Yesterday, we flung open the doors of our new Windy City offices for the first time. The excitement in the air among our employees was so palpable you could have carved it as if it were a holiday turkey. Company leaders, including Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, President of Commercial/SMB Sales, said a few words. And kids from four Chicago elementary schools dropped in to help us celebrate the grand opening by putting together “Recess Kits” (balls, jump ropes, etc.) as part of a Foundation event with Chicago Playworks. Playworks also led the enthusiastic volunteers in various recess games and a team challenge. It was an inspiring and good time for the kids and for us! 

The new Chicago office is a major milestone for the company and certainly a boost for our one-of-a-kind culture. The centralized office brings together our employees from across Chicago and helps us capitalize on collective energy, drive innovation, and fuel all-around enthusiasm that is indeed a team sport. 

“With this incredible new office, we can make closer connections to our local customers and tap into an incredible new talent pool for hiring,” said Dave Lehman, Area Vice President of Sales. “The Midwest inherently has an unstoppable work ethic and drive that can’t be matched.”

RibbonLots of finishing touches remain, but employees were thrilled with what we’ve done with the place. The office design is based on our new “Social Workplace” concept that engages, energizes, connects and inspires employees. Open spaces are meant for people to run into each other; multiple sizes of meeting rooms invite team collaboration; designated quiet spaces welcome those needing to recharge; and a Customer Briefing Center, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, empowers account teams to present inspiring briefing sessions to customers. Guess it couldn’t hurt to mention the well-stocked snack kitchens, ping-pong tables, and, the highly likely possibility that employees can one day bring their pets to work.  And, did we mention the rooftop patio deck? 

“Having a state-of-the-art office located in the heart of River North is something that we can take pride in,” said Anthony, a Chicago office employee. “Not only are we going to have an amazing office, we are going to be able to be under one roof and learn from each other. We have a young, vibrant group of people and it makes coming to work enjoyable.”

Added Lehman: “We have a culture of collaboration and employee success. By physically putting everyone in the same office, we take down barriers and can focus resources to make sure every employee can live their #dreamjob.”

If you are interested in joining our Chicago team, visit our careers site or follow @salesforcejobs on Twitter.