Cloudforce Japan Keynote
Today over 18,000 people gathered to attend Cloudforce Japan. During the event, salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff rolled out the latest industry vision: connect with your customers in a whole new way and become a customer company.

Benioff highlighted the revolution of computing and how technology is moving us at a faster pace to become collaborative, transparent and social with our customers, employees, and partners. Salesforce.com customers, ASKUL CIO Yohei Akioka and Toyota Managing Officer Shigeki Tomoyama also appeared on stage and detailed how their companies improve social interactions with customers and streamline internal processes.

Learn the seven tenets of highly successful customer companies:

1.     Know your customers across every touch point
2.     Connect Sales, Service, and Marketing to engage with your customers as a team
3.     Engage customers with social, mobile, and community apps
4.     Connect every customer experience across every app and touchpoint
5.     Collaborate around customers to share ideas, insights, and files
6.     Motivate and reward employees to delight customers
7.     Connect your products to social apps

Watch the keynote to hear more  inspiring stories from brands like GE, ASKUL, Commonwealth Bank, Toyota and others.