Even the biggest multi-billion dollar conglomerate started off as a small business.  After studying some of the most dominant brands, it's clear there was one common denominator that they share when growing their business -- having a clear vision. 

A clear vision of what you want to accomplish is one of the factors that will ultimately help grow your business from a small startup to big time player. Want to know how to grow your business? See how global brands such as Apple, Google, and Facebook did it.

Apple has brought about one of the most monumental changes with its innovative mobile devices and impeccable designs, which all started with Steve Job's vision of allowing the individual and aesthetics to be the center of the computing universe, not the mainframe. Google toppled all search engines in the industry based on their ability to scale and make the web free for everyone. Facebook completely redefines how we connect with friends and brands and this success is attributed to their persistence in growing during pivotal points rather than selling it off.

While it is hard to recall sometimes, all these brands had their defining years of growth and they all kept to their vision.  Do you want to learn how to grow a business? Check out how these global enterprises got their starts!

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