Each holiday season, the newest, must-have toy is released, forcing Santa and his team of merry elves to keep up with the demand (again).

But something is a little different this year in the North Pole. Instead of the usual chaos that's whipped up by the shortage of the coolest gadget, there's a calm in Santa's Workshop. 

The importance of working together hasn't been lost on Mr. and Mrs. Claus. They've always known that teamwork and ease of communication is the key to productivity, and more importantly, to the morale of their team of dedicated elves.

This year, Team Santa has moved away from traditional software and has taken their collaboration online and into the clouds with Chatter.  See how Santa and crew are handling this year's challenge.

Explore 50 ways that Salesforce Chatter can help transform your business across every department.

*click on the image to see a larger version


*click on the image to see a larger version

Explore the 50 ways that Chatter can transform your business across all departments. Go to Santa takes Team Collaboration Online with Chatter [infographic].