The Spring ’13 release is just around the corner and it's a great one for our customers.

As a former customer myself, I am most excited about a few real-world sales productivity boosters:

  • Touch now features the app picker, so any apps: Sales, Service, and your Custom Apps, show up in Touch
  • The Salesforce Side Panel for Outlook will be going GA (generally available) – single click tagging of emails into Salesforce, right from Outlook + single sign-on to Salesforce by a simple click in Outlook. Whee!
  • Canvas allows any app, written in any language, to run inside of Salesforce. In Spring ‘13, Canvas apps can now be accessed via Visualforce pages.
  • Sales Performance & Coaching from the team is really key to anyone trying to drive sales process and top-line performance
  • Marketing Cloud is introducing Social Action targeting, so you can target social advertising based on actions users have taken
  • Chatter search within a group lets you search the feed within that group only, so you can find what you need
  • now includes the full global Dun & Bradstreet file of over 200 million corporate entities – account planning aficionados, rejoice!

Glimpsing the Future
Spring ’13 also brings some really exciting new capabilities in beta:

  • BETA State & Country data cleanup & picklists – huge on the IdeaExchange, check it out here:  
  • BETA Sunlight Search – search across Salesforce and Sharepoint, right from the global search in Salesforce
  • BETA Touch for the iPhone – so excited to give everyone a great experience, on any mobile device, and the phone beta is part of our fast path to that.

Let us know what you are excited about most in Spring ’13 – and check out the release here. You can also visit out Trust site to see when the release will be available on your instance of Salesforce.