Salesforce customers are using apps to make work easier every day.  Given the power of apps it's only natural that some people develop a special fondness and become full-fledged app experts. We call these folks "AppExchange All-Stars."

Please welcome James Mayfield to our AppExchange All-Star community.  James has been a undercover AppExchange All-Star for about a year, but now we're excited to bring him on board officially. 

James (@Jmayfield56) is the Salesforce Admin and Business Analyst at Cascade Orthopedic Supply  a nationwide distributor of orthotics and prosthetics.  He started out as an intern when Cascade was just signing on with salesforce.com, while finishing his MBA at California State University Chico. Since then he's become an app expert and is often invited to speak at events like Dreamforce.

Allstar_james mayfield

Since Cascade has less than a hundred employees, we do not have the resources to re-invent the wheel.  So, we rely on the Appexchange and utilize pre-built solutions to automate our business processes and sales operations.  We use Salesforce to get a 360 degree view of the customer, with marketing, sales activities, accounts receivables, and expenses being managed in one easy to access CRM package.

Xactly Express Compensation Management

Xactly express

At Cascade we only have seven sales people that are responsible for very large territories and a huge number of transactions within that territory each month. Xactly Express is a solution that brings visibility to each salesperson’s result. This app is a native Force.com application which allows us to automate everything involved in the compensation process within Salesforce.  The opportunities are imported, calculated and the updated results are delivered to each salesperson daily in an email dashboard.  The increased visibility and time saved not calculating commissions manually, allows us to use compensation more strategically like a much bigger company.

ForsevaTRM Credit and Collections Management


Cascade was one of Forseva’s first AppExchange customers. Back in 2009, we saw a need to manage credit and collections activities in with a native Force.com application.  With Forseva, we can prioritize which accounts to call and then document that collection activity.  They have partnered with credit reporting agencies to pull credit reports directly into Salesforce.  Along with credit reporting, we setup custom credit scoring to score accounts based on credit report data and actual payment history.  Forseva also gives all our users across all departments visibility into the AR balance and collection activities at every account.

Conga Courier Scheduled Deliveries

Conga courier

This app saves our VP of Sales one weekend day a month that he used to spend running reports and sending Excel files to our vendors.  Courier now automatically sends our sales tracing reports as Excel attachments in scheduled emails to him.  Setting up the source Salesforce reports and the integrations were very simple.  Courier allows us to automate the delivery of lots of information.

Concurforce Expense Management


Concurforce is also a great fit for our company bringing expense reporting into Salesforce.  All company AMEX cards automatically import the charges as expenses to the user’s expense report.  Users can snap a picture of the receipt in the field and log the entire expense from their mobile device.  Expenses can be assigned to specific accounts or opportunities in Salesforce to give us increased visibility to where we are spending our expense budget. 

Salesforce and the AppExchange brings increased visibility into our customers across all departments and automates many of our sales operations.  These complementing apps to manage sales, accounts receivables, expenses, and marketing align our efforts to achieve our strategic vision.