Getting rehired at a company used to be taboo – sort of like calling it quits on a love affair and then eventually begging to be taken back. Once an employee left a company, that was it – done, see you, have a nice career. This is absolutely not the case at where rehires or “boomerangs” are welcomed back with open arms and new #dreamjob opportunities.

It’s clear the company believes in a second time around. About 40 employees have made their way back to the company this year with an average leave-and-return time of 1.5 years.

“The fact that many come back shows what a great place this is to work,” said Benji Jasik (SVP, Customer-Centric Engineering and Operations). He worked for from 2003-2007 in a variety of engineering and platform product management roles before leaving to work for a startup. He returned to in February 2010 after being offered an exciting role to “build a new team from scratch.”

Benji’s thankful the transition back was smooth but still had to think it through. “I had some hesitation,” he said. “I knew there would be some hazing, and probably a bigger concern was there are no ‘third-timers’ that I know of. I wanted to be fairly confident I wouldn’t leave again and could be here again for a long time.” So far, so good.

Chris Lee (Regional VP, Enterprise Sales) left in fall 2010 and returned nearly a year later. He said that’s willingness to rehire demonstrates the company’s incomparable confidence. “Confidence that there aren’t any companies out in the industry that can offer their employees what offers. Essentially, the company is allowing employees to test the waters and see for themselves. It’s a great approach because the employees will be able to ‘scratch their itch,’ yet know that trusts that the culture is better here and will leave the door open for their potential return.”

Lisah Kmet (Account Executive, Marketing Cloud) left in 2007 and returned the following year. For her, simply had a lot more to bring to the relationship. It was the complete package. “I interviewed with companies big and small and realized has amazing people, culture, and a killer product.”

We reached out to several other employees who left, only to return a short time later – sometimes even a very short time later. They enthusiastically shared how they rekindled their love affair with the most innovative company in the world.  

Employee: Derek, Principal Customer Success Manager 
April 2007
June 2008
Anything unique about your boomerang experience you’d like to share?

“I was taken to task, in a good way, by Dean Robison (SVP, Global Services, Customers For Life) when I resigned, and he told me straight up that he would welcome me back at any time. It was nice to leave on such good terms.”   

Employee: Rebecca, Workplace Services Manager
March 2012
July 2012
What spurred your decision to return?
“One night, I was working late at my previous job. I was only working a seven-hour day and it was as if a light bulb went off. I thought to myself that I used to work nine-plus hours a day at and didn’t think twice about it because I was proud of the work I was doing. That was my turning point.”  

Employee: Jonathan, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Tier 3
February 2012
June 2012
What does having “boomerang” employees say about’s company culture?
“I think it’s a clear indication that the company’s overall culture is a huge differentiating factor in the job search. is a company that truly cares for the wellness of employees – at work and outside of work. I always knew this, but after working for another global company, I now see that simply does more for employees than other companies.”

Employee: Laura, Senior Portfolio Planning Manager
July 2011
July 2012
Anything unique about your boomerang experience you’d like to share? is far and away the best company I have worked for. Managers look out for their teams and the company prides itself on happy employees. I am treated so well I sometimes think it is better than I really deserve!”

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