Click to see the Universal Inbox in action.

Customer service is changing. Today’s environment, with its ever-present social media and mobile devices, is giving rise to a new customer with a new set of expectations. Social media is putting unprecedented pressure on businesses to adapt, especially small businesses with limited resources. So how do you improve customer service to meet the needs of today’s social, mobile customer? One solution is a Shared Inbox or what calls the “Universal Inbox.”

How to Improve Customer Service by Deskcom

The Shared Inbox:

  • Manages thousands of customer communications coming from everywhere at any time.

  • Helps you create smart workflows to be more efficient.

  • Gives you a centralized knowledge base to power all of your customer responses. 

We created this fun interactive infographic to show you how a shared inbox can make it easy to manage customer service all in one place. With a shared inbox you’ll have a better way to communicate with your customers instantly, and in real time.

Click to see the Universal Inbox in action.