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What is customer service? Customer service, by definition, is about serving people. When people refer to customer service, they’re usually talking about the process of getting help before, during or after a purchase. It can also refer to a department within a company that focuses on these processes.

But is customer service focused on resolving issues or serving people? Is it a mere business function or an expression of human decency? If your company’s goal is to better serve its customers, then you need a strong customer service philosophy. We asked a few experts to share their philosophies on what customer service is, what it means, and how it affects a business. Here is what they said:

1. “Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customer. It’s the promise we keep to the customer.  It’s how we follow through for the customer.   It’s how we make them feel when they do business with us. “ — Shep Hyken, customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author

2. “Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations” - John Jantsch, President at Duct Tape Marketing

3. “Customer service is a voluntary act that demonstrates a genuine desire to satisfy, if not delight, a customer.” - Steve Curtin, author of “Delight Your Customers”

4. “Customer service represents the heart of a brand in the hearts of its customers” - Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach

5. “Customer Service is everything and anything that touches a customer – directly or indirectly. Customer service means servicing customers and it's so much more than just solving problems or addressing complaints. Customer service is part of a holistic customer experience that is capable of providing a critical competitive advantage in today's increasingly cluttered and commoditized marketplace.” - Joseph Jaffe, Founder at Evol8tion

What is your customer service philosophy? Do believe in an issue-centric or a human-centric approach to customer service? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, check out our customer service quotes page for more thought leadership opinions.