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In today's competitive business world where every move matters, don’t you wish that someone would hand you a rule book for success, at least for the basics? Well, for anyone who needs a few hints about doing it right the first time, you're in luck.

Below are 5 essential guides to help you hit your mark when it comes to the basics of sales: cold calls, voice mails, emails, and even your own attitude.

Let these blueprints be your guide to perfecting your approach to every new opportunity. You may be surprised by the doors that open when you practice to perfection!

The Voice Mail

The Sales Discovery Call


Your Sales Attitude


The Cold Call

The Follow Up Email

We challenge you to apply these real-world tips to your next opportunity and see what difference it makes. Do you have a tried and true approach that opens doors with new prospects? Share it in the comments below and we may include your tip in the next business essentials guide.

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