Your customers are on the web, in your store, and talking to your sales associates. They’re using local, social, and touch apps wherever they go. They have questions about your products and services and today those questions could come from anywhere—your website, a mobile app, Twitter, Facebook, etc. By providing a consistent customer experience across all of these channels, in real-time, you make it easy for customers to buy from and interact with you— and you build lifetime relationships.

So how do you offer real personal service to your customers when they are now found just about everywhere? Here’s four key principles of great customer service for any organization looking to become a true Customer Company.

1. Connect across Multiple Channels

Customers look for service in ways that suit them, it’s no longer good enough to be just a phone call away. Customer service through email, live chat, and phone are necessary, but new channels like social media, communities, and video, all provide service avenues that today’s customers are expecting. For a look at incorporating social media into your customer service strategy, download this free ebook.

2. Customer Service on the Spot

Simply put, the sooner you solve an issue, the happier your customer. A direct line to customer service in-context means you are helping them on their terms, and customers never have to wait to have questions answered. Think about embedding your service contact information and live chat features into mobile apps so customers can reach you when and where they need you the most.

3. Help Customers Help Themselves

Existing customer are a terrific resource of information for prospects as they have “been there, done that.” By cultivating advocates and giving them a voice to your prospective customers, you’re not only increasing the effectiveness of your service, you are giving prospects confidence in your company and community. You are creating brand evangelists!

4. Connect agents to the right information

Your customers don't want to be passed from person to person to get their questions answered. With the right information, service agents can close cases faster, and keep customers happy. Make certain your customer service team is cultivating a strong knowledge base that provides quick answers to the most common customer concerns and issues.

Learn more about becoming a customer company with our free ebook at the link below.

Become a Customer Company