It can be easy for customer service departments to continue doing what they've always done. CSAT scores and overall cost are the same, so why change? This mindset neglects the fact that today's consumer has many options in terms of how they connect with a company for customer support.

Based on feedback from our customers, product experts, and service industry thought leaders, we've pulled together 20 customer service best practices and compiled them into one handy (and free) ebook, the appropriately titled, 20 Customer Service Best Practices. Here's the rundown:

  1. Know your customer across all channels
  2. Leverage the information your customers are volunteering
  3. Use the channels your customers prefer
  4. Make the move toward mobile customer service
  5. Train your agents on all channels
  6. Share helpful content
  7. Keep it real
  8. Turn setbacks into solutions
  9. Remember your regulations when adding support channels
  10. Leverage the experts
  11. Start with the interview
  12. Hire for culture fit
  13. Think beyond the cubicle
  14. Implement gamification
  15. Leverage multiple channels to reduce monotony
  16. Allow for flexibility in scheduling
  17. Frame the job in a meaningful way
  18. Reward, reward, reward
  19. Give regular feedback and acknowledgement
  20. Provide opportunities for career growth

To get the more in-depth look into all 20 of the above-noted best practices, be sure to download the ebook at the button below.