Your customers and employees are addicted to apps in their day-to-day lives. They have embraced the notion that “there’s an app for that” when it comes to checking things off their to-do lists.

Now, more than ever, they want this experience replicated in their business lives, which means there’s a huge opportunity to build a new generation of addictive enterprise apps. The door is wide open for you to create high-value business apps people can access anywhere and everywhere.

Below are four features that should be on your checklist for success when taking your data mobile.

1. Ubiquitous

Your app needs to be accessible from anywhere, anytime. This includes being available on PCs, phones, tablets, and any future devices in the works.

2. Real-Time

Be sure there is no lag time in your app. The user experience should be sharp and snappy. Data must be updated in real-time so it's always current.

3. Reliable

You know those people that are always on? That’s how your app needs to be, constantly performing at a high-level. The app must also always be secure, no matter the connection being used.

4. Consistent

When creating your app, design for each device. But be sure to offer the same quality experience across all devices.

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