Marketing’s job is to keep the sales funnel full of high value leads, while the sales team’s job is to close new business. The truth is that is these two teams don’t always work in alignment. Sales teams spend wasted time mining leads of varying quality from a variety of sources, and marketers pass on what they believe to be quality leads only to see less than impressive close rates.

The key to success is getting Marketing and Sales to agree on the basics of The Perfect Sales Qualified Lead. While each company has a unique target audience, there are certain traits shared by any lead who is ready to convert. One set of criteria to qualify a sales lead is BANT: Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. Get to know the top traits of the Perfect Sales Qualified Lead so your teams can work together to attract and convert more of them to grow the business.

The Perfect Sales Qualified Lead from Salesforce

Defining your own version of the Perfect Sales Qualified Lead will help you better align your Sales and Marketing teams. Once you have agreement, continuously track which leads are closing to perfect your Sales Qualified Lead profile.