Platform as a Service (PaaS) has garnered a lot of interest in the past few years as the tool that will transform how apps are built. It also brings with it amazing potential for business growth. However, too many organizations fail to get started due to debate about the definition of PaaS and a general lack of understanding of how the technology can help them.

A simple framework and description of PaaS core capabilities can show companies a path for moving beyond the hype to actual development.

Read on for three areas in which PaaS benefits enterprises:

1. Infrastructure & Operational Services

Infrastructure services typically include networking, storage, operating systems, patching, upgrades, disaster recovery, and more. You often hear these lower level services referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Examples in this category include a fully managed, multi-tenant infrastructure, and built-in social and mobile solutions.

2. Platform & Developer Services

Among platform services are the tools, technology, and APIs designed for developers to build custom apps. Examples of these tools and APIs are RESTful APIs for mobile apps, geolocation support, metadata, automated testing frameworks, and integration with source code control. Other representations include underlying enabling technologies such as localization, security, and identity management, which are all required for rich business services.

3. Business Services

A core component to a complete PaaS solution is the ability to democratize development beyond the typical programmer. Business services provide a higher level of abstraction so all users can deliver new apps fast. Business services may include search, workflow, reporting, social feeds, point and click app creation, drag and drop page layouts, and integration with app marketplaces. These provide the building blocks of PaaS which extract away much of the operational and infrastructure logic, allowing IT departments to eliminate growing project backlogs.

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