If you are anywhere in the vicinity of San Francisco or follow Salesforce.com on social media, you know that our annual conference Dreamforce is kind of a big deal. Billed as the world's largest enterprise cloud computing event, it draws more than 100,000 attendees to San Francisco each year.

This year, Dreamforce broke out of its industry niche to be ranked #3 in Tech Industry events next to TED and CES. Now that's big!

Here are 10 reasons to consider attending Dreamforce for the first time, counting down David Letterman-style.

#10. Personal betterment.

Dreamforce goes way beyond just business. We get personal to help you be your best physically, mentally and spiritually. Success, health and wellness coaches Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer will be there to motivate you. Don’t knock it until you try it. Tweet this!

#9. A world-class event experience.

While not quite Cirque de Soleil, give us time. Dreamforce raises the bar for business conferences in terms of the overall event experience and level of execution. A mix of South x Southwest, TED and trade expo,  its a veritable Vegas for cloud, mobile and social nerds (admit it, you are one). Tweet this!

#8. Hundreds of experts.

The bar is set high for those who present at Dreamforce and the sessions are top quality.  Over 1,000 expert-led sessions are staffed by knowledgeable experts who are eager to answer your burning questions, whether that's how to roll out your CRM system,  how to master your Facebook strategy or how to get more leads from your email campaigns. Tweet this!

7. The Social Media Command Center.

If Dreamforce were Disneyland, the Social Media Command Center at Dreamforce would be Space Mountain. A sight to behold, you will see the Salesforce.com brand engaging in social at scale (200,000 mentions!) in real time, and learn how your business can take advantage of listening and engagement. Tweet this!

6. Power networking.

At Dreamforce, there is no shame in networking in person and online. Evening networking events and sessions encourage interaction, and you can find experts following the #df13 tag on Twitter. We make it easy for you to leave with valuable new connections.  Tweet this!

5. Marc Benioff's Keynote.

The highlight of the conference is Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff's opening keynote. He sets the tone for not just for the conference,  but for the industry. He'll surprise you with special guests and world-class musical acts. Its a high-energy, star-studded event. Tweet this!

4. Developer zone.

Salesforce has built one of the most successful and dynamic partner developer ecosystems in business today. Visit the developer zone to see cloud developers in action. Be inspired by the latest Salesforce Platform innovations for mobile and enterprise app development. Tweet this!

3. Big ideas and conversations.

Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Marc Benioff.  You know their names, but have you heard them talk close-up and in person about the forces shaping your business future? These conversations have proven to be the most popular sessions at Dreamforce. Tweet this! 

2. Breaking news.

Over the years, Dreamforce has been the place where announcements are made. You will be the first to hear what's next from Salesforce.com. This year will be no different. Tweet this!

And the top reason to attend?....drum roll please....

1. It’s FREE!

We offer a free pass to the keynote and expo. That means:  free access to the keynotes, networking events, partner expo, free drinks...not to mention the random Saasy photo shoot. Tweet this! 

As a first time attendee, make it fun by inviting along a friend or your whole team, and take advantage of the free passes.  Or, go all in and sign up for a full pass to explore every facet of the conference.

You never know what connections you will make to boost your success in 2014!

Sign up TODAY for your FREE pass and see what its all about.