sales pipeline secretsHow do you build a better sales pipeline? Companies often tackle that age-old question by upping rep quotas and creating aggressive timelines. But that strategy is a blindfolded game of darts: reps lobbing phone calls willy-nilly in any direction, just hoping to find a target (fingers crossed!). Flooding your pipeline with random leads may look pretty in the short term, but only creates loads of unwelcome work down the road. And relying only on your top salespeople isn’t sustainable in the long run either.

 It’s time for a sales strategy shift. Building a solid, actionable sales pipeline isn’t as difficult as you think. Instead of relying on your top salespeople to get the job done—which creates both burnout andapathy—you need to bring the rest of the team up to their level. 

Take 90 seconds to watch this video with 5 Secrets to Building Your Sales Pipeline. Pick up a few tips you may not have considered yet for improvement. You’ll learn why specializing your sales department is a must, how to choose the right sales tools, and what the benefits are of a proper outbound prospecting team. See how a few simple changes can lead to a better pipeline, quality leads, and more revenue.

And the best part? Improving your team as a means of building pipeline is a viable and repeatable way to foster a positive work environment for your employees—and long-term growth for your company. Boom.