We’re committed to environmental responsibility at salesforce.com and have been working hard to make this Dreamforce the greenest yet! Last year, with our event recycling, composting, and donation programs, we diverted 61% of the Dreamforce waste that could have ended up in a landfill.

This year, we are aiming even higher. To get there, we are reusing most of the carpet, furniture, and other building materials, reducing printed materials, and eliminating boxes from many of our lunches. We also plan to donate leftover food to local charities whenever possible. 

Here’s what YOU can do to help:

1.  Recycle and Compost 

We’ll have a team of "Green Angels" on site to help you sort your trash correctly. Just look for the green shirts at the waste stations throughout the event.


2. Travel Smart 

Walk, take public transportation, or a pedicab to the event and around San Francisco.

3. Go Paperless 

Use our amazing Dreamforce app, take notes on your phone, and refuse printed handouts.

4. Offset Your Carbon Footprint 

We offset all the carbon emissions from our employee air travel to Dreamforce and hope you’ll do the same through our partner Terrapass. 

5. Be a Green Hotel Guest 

Save water and energy by refusing daily towel and linen service, and by turning off the lights, AC, and television when you leave your room.

For more information about Salesforce's efforts to encourage sustainability, click here

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