salesforce.com Hillsboro Office

We’re proud to announce that salesforce.com is a Founding Partner of the Building Health Challenge, an initiative of USGBC Northern California.  The Challenge is a two-year program in which companies pledge to take actions that generate awareness of how the built environment profoundly affects the well-being of employees and communities.  We’re joining a multi-sector coalition of companies working to create positive outcomes for human health and the environment. 

We believe that our workplaces should conserve the health of our employees as much as they conserve water and energy.  Our offices already incorporate green building practices, such as choosing paint with low amounts of volatile organic compounds, which can contribute to a range of health problems.  And we offer amenities that enhance employee fitness and satisfaction like wellness centers and community gardens at some of our offices. But there is always more we can do.

For the Challenge, we are committing to work with our partners to learn everything we can about the health and environmental effects of the building materials we choose.  As we design new workspaces, we’ll apply what we’ve learned in our materials selection process.  We are also committing to expand our green cleaning practices more broadly across our facilities.   To expand the reach of the conversation, we’ll showcase our building practices to teach others about the connection between green buildings and health.

We’ll continue to report back on our journey to make our offices the greenest and healthiest possible for our employees.

To learn more about our sustainability programs, vist salesforce.com/company/sustainability

Salesforce.com is committed to reducing the impact of our products and business operations on the environment. We help our customers do the same by delivering our products on an energy-efficient platform. Our inaugural sustainability report addresses our FY12 practices that are part of that effort.