How to Boost Performance with Open Innovation
We all want to be more innovative, and the key is collaboration. Collaborating with your entire organization, your customers, supply chain partners and brand advocates will enable everyone to take a crack at helping develop a new product, improve an existing process or solve a vexing problem. Problem solving is exciting when there is relentless questioning and insightful storytelling across the organization. This is where open innovation comes into play. Open innovation provides the marketplace to enable organizations to prototype and iterate ideas, learn as you go and develop new ideas to solve complexity. Open innovation makes your work:


  • Transparent: uncover simple and clear solutions
  • Inspiring: move people by satisfying needs and wants
  • Business Impacting: demand exceptional and radical solutions
  • Participating: collaborative and inclusive environment
  • Holistic: solutions are recognized via social, mobile and open systems
  • Tangible: solutions are robust and created in unison with its long‐term impact

Check out this infographic on the current state of open innovation:


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