Email marketing's return on investment is significantly higher than search, social, mobile and many other channels. While these other channels thrive at raising awareness, customer acquisition, and fostering conversations, email marketing is the power channel for retention marketing. Consumers strongly associate email marketing with deals and product information, making it unrivaling at driving sales and increasing loyalty. 

But its impressive power obscures an unfortunate truth: Poor practices are blunting email marketing's effectiveness and keeping its ROI from being truly awesome. 

After many years of tracking email marketing campaigns for the largest of retailers and extensively researching their practices, I'm more convinced that following best practices is the key to spectacular results. 

Through 108 easy-to-understand rules, Email Marketing Rules is your guide to understanding the practices that lead to spectacular email marketing results, while steering you clear of trouble.

In this book, there are two sets of rules:

1. Fundamental Imperatives: The 10 essential rules for all marketers to follow. These are the rules that separate legitimate marketers from spammers. 

2. Practice Guidelines: These rules serve as the foundation for all of today' best practices. 

How these rules are translated into practice can vary from company to company, and some brands will discover through testing that they can bend or even break a few of these rules and achieve better results. These are the rules that separate great marketers from the pack.

Read an excerpt of Email Marketing Rules below:


Introduction to "Email Marketing Rules" from Chad White
In celebration of Dreamforce 2013 and the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Salesforce is providing complimentary copies of Email Marketing Rules to attendees of any email marketing session during Dreamforce, including my session, Marketing Cloud: The Good, the Bad and the Best Email Practices. Copies will be on the seats when you enter the session or available at the end of the session as you exit.