At the main Dreamforce Keynote on Tuesday, Marc Benioff unveiled the new Salesforce1 Customer Platform which provides context and insights to connect with your customers, partners, employees, and products in a whole new way.  In today’s Product Keynote at Dreamforce Andy MacMillan, SVP & GM, discussed how creating the "Right Experience at the Right Moment" requires the "Right Data at the Right Moment."

Data has evolved over the years.  We started with siloed data stores that gave us disconnected data, causing serious knowledge gaps.  Then it was all about centralizing the data which gave us more data, but left us with the feeling “we probably know somewhere, but not here, not now.”  Now we’ve finally arrived at context-aware data, giving us the ability to empower those connecting with customers, partners, and employees.  Context-aware data understands the process and helps drive the outcome.

DF13 Product Keynote | took a moment to thank customers for making "The New Best Practice."  With over 300 million records cleaned and 70 million records imported, it’s clear many have seen the value in context-aware data.  

Ken Brown, AVP, Enterprise Application Development Global CRM at MetLife and John Haberek, Director, Business Process Automation at Standard Register also joined Andy onstage to share their experiences.  Both companies are over 100 years old and have been very successful tackling their huge challenges in cleaning and unifying their data.  Ken reminded us that data is the most important asset any company has and he recommended focusing on the data first and building the people and processes around that.  John talked about creating a 360 degree view of the customer and how they are leveraging Salesforce to gain insights.

He then moved on to announce the RightData framework.  RightData is a set of technologies and capabilities on the Salesforce1 Platform through to help you get to a Trusted Customer Record. This record must be universal, complete, and powerful.  Having complete records is not the same as having a single, universal golden record that you can trust.  The RightData framework will bring major innovation around de-duplication, merging, duplicate prevention, and information validation.

DF13 Product Keynote | you have the right data, the secret to a context-aware data solution is delivering value by delivery of the data at the right moment.  It’s about making that amazing customer experience real by having the right information available at the key moment. and Salesforce1 come together on this to delight your customers like never before.

Sales teams can use use and the Salesforce1 platform to sell with confidence as they find the key stakeholders, connect with them like never before, and use accurate, real-time data to improve sales cycle times by 33%.  Sales operations can use the right data across their entire data set to drive more sales opportunities and energize customer facting teams at just the right moment, leading to 25% more sales opportunities.

Andy wrapped up the keynote by announcing the API on the Salesforce1 Platform.  He talked about how being part of the Salesforce1 Platform means that context-aware data is available not just within our applications, but also to partners, ISVs, and customers to extend and build upon to create unique and incredible customer experiences.  

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